WiFi-as-a-Service or WaaS is a method of providing our clients with enterprise grade WiFi without the need to purchase costly equipment upfront. Our team assesses the needs then configures and installs the equipment customized to the situation. We monitor the performance of the equipment and routinely update the security settings to keep up with the ever evolving threats on the Internet. If your needs grow or shrink then we simply add or remove equipment and adjust your reoccurring fee to match. Our team believes that this strategy provides a win-win, you get great WiFi with all the latest performance tweaks and security patches, along with the flexibility of the equipment matching your needs without needing to purchase equipment; and we get a happy and loyal customer who isn’t stressed about equipment that just needs to work. All of our WiFi equipment is guaranteed; it is replaced if faulty or upgraded if it is out of date. The only equipment we use is enterprise grade and is actively maintained because technology is always evolving and so should your WiFi.

Networking-as-a-Service or NaaS is the same concept as WaaS, described above, but applied to all the wired equipment needed to network your computers, printers, security cameras, point-of-sales/service, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and phones. This covers things like your modem, router, switch, security gateway and wireless backup unit. When talking to our clients we realized that they were tired of getting sold a pile of equipment and then feeling abandoned. This is why we designed a solution that focuses on providing our clients with the Service of Networking. We worry about how it works so our clients don’t have to.